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Dismissed in the Interests of Justice - TL;DR version

So recently I've gotten a spate of twitter comments on this post

The tweets say in so many words that they would like a more concise version. The tweets were followed by a comment to the blog saying they'd like a TL'; DR version. I learned a short while back that that meant too long, didn't read. Ok, so in maybe five minutes I came up with this so it's not as good as it can be. Yet. I plan to try and make it better and attach the appropriate documents.

 I didn't do anything but go online and complain about Tig Notaro after I learned she had decided to invent destructive and possibly life ruining lies. I did it in a totally legal and non threatening way.
Tig Notaro called up her good friend, Nick Kroll, to make some calls so the internet posting and the postings they inspired by others didn't end up harming her brand in any way.
In order to do that, they they hooked Notaro up wit…

What do celebrities get if they pay Marty Singer 1,050 dollars an hour?

Okay so you are a celebrity. You got yourself all famous and super successful and now you or someone else has embroiled you in a scandal.  You will not only lose everything, you will endure widespread public humiliation.

Let's say you don't have any easy way out of it. Maybe you are guilty as sin and you can't rely on truth rising to the surface or any of those sweet platitudes. If you are innocent there are maybe some easy fixes. Maybe you have evidence that can clear your name before any real damage is done...

But let's just focus on if you are guilty. What does the embattled celebrity or VIP do?

Well, in recent weeks its been much more widely understood that you hire Marty Singer or David Bois and they verywell may hire companies like Kroll and Black Cube, but that's for another day.

Let's just discuss Marty Singer for the purposes of this post: You hire Marty Singer or any attorney from his infamous firm - Lavely and Singer. Marty himself comes at a super s…

That time Alexander "Sam" Moreno was brought in cause the rest of the TMU felt too bad to go that far down the sewer, to please Nick Kroll... boy did I make em work hard if they were going to railroad me

So I see a tweet by Rose Mgcowan, about how 20th Century Fox Entertainment Studios is corrupt in some capacity, when it comes to hushing the Harvey Weinstein allegations etc.

This made me think of that Sam Moreno guy( who also went by the name Alexander for whatever reason). This made me think of him because along the way I discovered that he was working as head of security for Fox.

Awhile back I googled him and saw that good old Alex Moreno still goes by the name Sam but he doesn't work for the LAPD computer crimes unit anymore but for Fox. Very lucrative job, but I was a little disappointed cause if he got a job with Kroll that would be such incredibly compelling evidence.

I suspected  Kroll had everything to do with why he agreed to lie on the stand for Tig Notaro... but I had no smoking gun evidence.

The pretense for Sam's presence on the stand,  was that he and Gregozek linked me to a facebook post that if written by me- violated her sham restraining order. They had to go…

The stinking Los Angeles City Attorney is on my blog for maybe the thousandth time in nine years

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