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Nick Kroll and Amy Poehler color coordinated so well together. Such a shame they "broke up."

Note:This gets a lot of hits on other blog. I can't share links on twitter for that other blog for some reason so reposting it here. Old post so now " ex-boyfriend" and also in quotes because Nick Kroll is gay and the whole thing with Amy Poehler was a quid pro quo arrangement.  Kroll funded her UCB theatres and gave her a big boost to her career and she in turn was willing to pretend she was his girlfriend, which would boost his profile and also stop any possible gay rumors from circulating(though fact is that Nick is way too fugly so those rumors wouldn't matter to most people.) It worked. Many say that they like him if she likes him though they thought he was repulsive beforehand... So another win for my most hideous nemesis.
Original post: Are Amy Poehler and her Billionaire "boyfriend", Nick Kroll, color co-ordinating for the camera? Or are they caught off guard with strangely matching outfits, scarves and all?!

Mar 31

Rose Mcgowan, Asia Argento, Rain Dove and the #MeMeMeMovement Artist: Lauren Spitzberg