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Outdated Footloose Reboot Review

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get invited to a sneak preview of the new Footloose. I have a dear friend that works in the Industry. I’ve always been a fan of Juliette Hough’s(Pronounced as “Huff,”) work, so I chose to forego all my stressors, in order to just "let loose," at Footloose. Though I’ve supported Juliette Huff’s work since 2009, I was a bit of Footloose purist. Could anyone ever sway like Kevin Bacon or strut like Lori Singer? Would the teens be forbidden to not only dance but to watch Dancing With the Stars? In the internet age, would anyone buy the premise that a preacher could singlehandedly put a stop, much less a dent, in teen dance? Could or should Blake Shelton ever recapture the thwarted longing of Kenny Loggin’s infectious pop sensation. In other words, I was skeptical. Ok, guys, I wasn’t just skeptical, I was concerned. Soon into the scene where the minister forbids the teens in town from dancing, all of those judgemental predispositions began to …

Supermarket review

Pavilions Pavilions. Must write a review of the new Pavilions in the heart of West Hollywood -in the epicenter of Los Angeles.

In the good old days me and some friend, or me and the sister, had the money to pay the price of a six pack for one beer, and so we went to the very few places where we could sip it and smoke at the same time. This place was and still is called the Abbey, but it is not about Nuns.  Stray lesbians do go on special nights, and so a nun or two must have been there, I wouldn’t be surprised if some gay guy named Westminster was once a habituĂ© - but otherwise, the name doesn’t serve as a guide.  Lots of men in cargo shorts (now Madras) and tank tops traipsing or standing or scoping for … something. The Abbey is a mostly gay male cruising spot where I saw the gay guys from Americas Next Top Model, and I once got to see Liz Taylor. Liz looked like a Brooklyn Matron- like some great aunt- I was dragged to see too long ago to have anything but the concept of this type……