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Re: Louis CK rumors, what did Notaro know at time of "legendary," cancer set.

Narrative is a big word/concept nowadays. So is brand. Here's the narrative that Tig Notaro wants you to follow to promote her "brand" :

Sometime in 2012, after a series of adversities, she finds out she has stage 2 cancer in both breasts. She does't take to the fetal position but instead performs some monumental cancer set, in response to the diagnosis. Lo and behold. Who is in the audience that night but one of those serious influencer types- Louis CK. Influencer is also a big word/concept nowadays.
He is there by chance, bears witness, and he is left aghast but in a good way. Beyond impressed, he takes to twitter,then to his website and then to NPR and elsewhere to make sure everyone must know of such a magnificent display of comic mastery in the face of unrelenting adversity...
Flash forward to NPR, and other assorted usual suspect elite media markets, all over the story. Brave, heroic, legendary they profess,telling us is it's a viral sensation story even th…