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In which I review society, a bar, and a supermarket- By Alisa Spitzberg

Review of the Abbey and Pavillions (Los Angeles))
The greatest supermarket ever built in Los Angeles
written by Alisa Spitzberg Pavilions Pavilions. Must write a review of the new Pavilions in the heart of West Hollywood -in the epicenter of Los Angeles.

In the good old days me and some friend, or me and the sister, had the money to pay the price of a six-pack for one beer, and so we went to the very few places where we could sip said beer and smoke at the same time. This place was and still is called the Abbey, but it is not about Nuns. Since I've heard about closeted Catholics I'm sure stray lesbians do go on special nights, and so a nun or two must have been there, I wouldn’t be surprised if some gay guy named Westminster was once a habituĂ© - but otherwise, the name doesn’t serve as a guide.  Lots of men in cargo shorts (now Madras) and tank tops traipsing or standing or scoping for … something. The Abbey is a mostly gay male cruising spot where I saw the gay guys from Amer…

Someone is suing the ridicoulously cruel and corrupt Judge Samantha Jessner for civil rights violations. Please god let this evil woman go to prison where she belongs

Warren Johnson v. Samantha P. Jessner et al California Central District CourtJudge:Percy AndersonReferred:Steve KimCase #:2:19-cv-05717Nature of Suit440 Civil Rights - Other Civil RightsCause28:1983 Civil Rights Case Filed:Jul 01, 2019Terminated:Jul 08, 2019 DocketParties (2)Docket last updated: 7 hours ago  Monday, July 08, 20195orderProceed In Forma Pauperis with Declaration in Support (CV-60)Tue 2:26 PM 
ORDER by Judge Percy Anderson: Denying3 REQUEST to Proceed in Forma Pauperis. IT WAS RECOMMENDED that the Request to Proceed In Forma Pauperis

The chillingly corrupt los angeles city attorneys office is obsessed with their image- on my blog nonstop for over decade now

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Alissa Malzman Sterling was so terrific in making sure the real criminals didn't get into trouble. Tig Notaro owes her her life.

She even didn't do a thing about WITNESS TAMPERING. Heidi Feigin must have been so disgusted. Told her about a blatant attempt at witness tampering and Malzman let it slide cause as she told me, " I work for the city,." Everyone thinks that Louis CK gave Tig Notaro a career but little do they know it was really Alissa Malzman Sterling who did. Give her credit she does 40 percent of her job.

Read about how she helped Tig Notaro while letting me get buried and ruined.

Felise Cohen Kalpakian, you did what Alexannder Acosta did and you have the nerve to keep rereading my blog. You got away with it due to Kroll's power, rest easy on her sizable back fat Jul08:16:21PM iOS
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