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Is Louis CK created comedian, "Tig" Notaro, transitioning from female to male? Is that the ticket, Tommy Flanagan?

Can "Tig" Notaro come out as a FTM transgender? Not unless she wants to go to prison for a long time for cancer charity fraud is the quick answer.

(Louis CK promised proceeds from buying her tape to go to cancer charities. You'd think it would be enough if the money just went to Notaro for treatment. Not only did Notaro not need the money she'd claim, but she'd brag that she has "gazillioanaire friends," and so don't insult her by saying she needed that money from anyone. I FIRMLY believe she never needed that money cause no cancer, and I know she was referring to Nick Kroll when she talked of "gazzilionaire friends.")

This post is getting a lot of hits since I posted it so here's a link about some of her cancer uh INCONSISTENCIES
Less quick answers, questions, and revised theories:

At one point, "Tig" Notaro really pulled a fast one when she wen…
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What don't the Kroll's excel at? Comedy is the answer

The Krolls excel at absolutely everything, but comedy. What a fuck. ( The firm hired to audit the DNC Bernie Sanders Data Breach) Update - December 28th, 2015

It has come to my exasperated attention that Kroll has been brought in to audit some alleged breach of data. Hired by the DNC through Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

From this link:

Jules B Kroll gave money to Democratic National Committee

Details TypeCampaign ContributionStart date1992End date2012Amount$7,500

Contributions This relationship is based on the following campaign contributions reported by the Federal Elections Commission DATEAMOUNTFEC IDLINKOct 26 '12$2,500Nov 20 '00$2,50020036581595SourceMay 17 '93$1,50093038413031SourceJul 23 '92$1,00092037744717Source
 To my surprise, for once, others seem to regard this as FISHY. For the last two years(since I discovered that Nick Kroll was the ringmaster to my decimation it has seemed that no one realized who this Kroll was or wh…

Ah, no wonder Ben Pomeroy of Bon Apetit, had to pretend anyone gives a shit about Nick Kroll's Breakfast

On October 22nd 2013, A Ben Pomeroy got this published in Bon Appetit Magazine.
 I was sort of amazed that such an article could ever come to pass... I think most anyone would be baffled. Let's get real, only Nick Kroll's mother, Lynn, cares about what her disturbed son, eats for breakfast.

Today, on twitter,the mystery was solved. 

 See below the article, for evidence of  no mention of Nick Kroll's prior relationship with this Ben Pomeroy.

OCTOBER 22, 2013 / 
WRITTEN BY BEN POMEROYPHOTOGRAPHED BY MANDEE JOHNSON If Nick Kroll is recognized on the street these days, it’s likely because of his much-beloved Ruxin, a sardonic fantasy football hustler on the ensemble comedy The League, now entering its fifth season on FX. But he might easily meet fans of his viral hit Bobby Bottle Service, an homage to a Jersey nightclub en…

When Kroll the fixers fixed the ratings for Nick Kroll

Kroll Show Ratings ISSUES have arisen What were the ratings for the Kroll Show?

 Can there be a good explanation as to why Deadline, Hollywood Reporter, A.V Club, Entertainment Weekly, The Wrap and Zap 2 it, so far, have stated that the Kroll show was renewed because it averaged 1.1 million viewers? Is in normal for them to not mention the numbers when it came to demographics?

Well, I don't know about these things. Or, I know very little. But, I do know about demographics and desired demographics. That's pretty much layman stuff.  And, I do know that Kroll is a liar of the dirtiest kind, and that he is capable of murdering (or being the proximate cause of murder(RIP LAPD officer Jacqueline Montalvo), perjury, railroading of innocent people into Patton or Prison etc.

I also know comedy and humor. And, though there is this old saw about things like comedy or beauty being subjective -- I feel extremely confident that his show is a testament to going far on money, power, and ruthles…