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Literary Frauds, Known and Unknown. The obscure case of Stef Wilen and Simon and Schuster

In publishing, there is a fascinating history of memoirs that get pulled from publication, after an eagle eyed reader, or readers, have their hinky meter go off.

The pesky peruser finds the facts, or spots the substantial inconsistencies - that ultimately prove that the orphaned foster child (who supposedly grew up in a gang infested barrio in east L.A) is actually a private school kid from Newport Beach. 

Or, the one about the Jordanian on the run, after witnessing her best friend's honor killing, is actually a con artist from Chicago.

And so on.

 I now know of one that you won't hear about,cause I'm pretty sure I' was the pesky eyed peruser who made the deal go kaput before publication.

Stef Willen's manuscript ( titled Total Loss: An Inventory of Disaster, Theirs and Mine,) was set to go before being pulled seconds before publication. It had an ISBN number, …