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Paul Shear and Jason Matzoukas, Benefactee's of Nick Kroll try to censor me sending this link on facebook, seconds after I posted it

How can blame Paul Sheer, Jason Mazoukas or any of the clods at Earworlf. Nick Kroll is not only funding that show but every show on Earwolf. In other words Earwof is underwritten by Harvey Weinstiens' fixers. In return these boys are going far in Hollywood. I do not know their work at all so they may be talented.  Another not fun fact is that in this episode(of which I was able to listen to 10 minutes cause insufferable but I wanted to see if a comment on reddit was true) Notaro keeps going on and on about the shocker that she is a lesbian. Commenter were perplexed that she'd keep mentioning such a no brainer.  Well here's my theory: Notaro knows that it's out there that she cut off her breasts cause she wants to be a male. I sure have written about it

Our very shady Louis CK user annd abuser is trying to broadcast that no no no please think I still have cancer and I merely a lesbian not a FTM t…
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