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Con Artist comedy, Nck Kroll, and Cornell

Just saw a few hits to the blog on this old post and thought it pretty much summed a lot up when it came to Nick Kroll's QUESTIONABLE career. Bares reposting here I figure.

Also points out how so many "journalists" are willing to omit facts when Nick Kroll is involved. It's all so seemingly inconsequential on its face- a thirsty rotten rich kid faking it till others think he's made it might be interteresting to some to see how the son of the world's most effective fixer- Jules Kroll- operates and how journalists behave when considering the kind of employment opportunites Kroll offers. More on that here Basically it really pays to get on their good side if you are an aspiriting journalist or an aspiring anyone

Tsk Tsk Cornell! You failed to mention that Jules Kroll is on your board of Trustees and that he was your Entreprenuer of the year, before this was written by Sophia Ros…
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This page provides a list of fake memoirs and journals. A fake memoir is a book that was published with the assertion that the events depicted are substantially true, but are later discovered or strongly asserted to be false. A book does not have to be entirely fictional to be considered a fake memoir. In contrast, a book which openly acknowledges that its author has fictionalized elements while still drawing on their own life may be more properly considered an autobiographical novel. Entries are organized by the original publication date of the work in question.
Contents 119th century21901–195031951–200042001–present5References 19th century[edit]Maria MonkAwful Disclosures of Maria Monk: as Exhibited in a Narrative of Her Sufferings During a Residence of Five Years as a Novice, and Two Years as a Black Nun, in the Hôtel-Dieu Nunnery at Montreal, Howe & Bates, New York (1836), …