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Jesus Christ! so many years later and The Los Angeles City Attorney's office is still looking

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The Misrepresented education of Ms. Stef Willen(Nearly a memoirist for Simon and Schuster)

Why I am invested in outing this Stef Willen as a liar:

Stef Willen could never keep her story straight in that case. She mixed it up and detracted and added details as time went on. The details got uglier and uglier the more they needn't to win what they shouldn't have wanted to win.

Everything she said was a lie and she did it badly. When Nick Kroll's connections got her to win a Mcsweeney's contest in 2010, once again our disingenuous scribe can't keep her story straight within the SAME COLUMN. In the same exact column she forgets her lie and adds a more impressive lie. Amazing

You have to be kidding me. I graduated Magna Cum Laude; I was the star of several student films.

a few sentences down:

At the very least, the doors my little golden Phi Beta Kappa key were going to open weren’t supposed to be X’ed with yellow caution tape and kicked…

Spitzberg vs Notaro Appeal -Reposted with some edits for clarity and presentation- Stef Willen nearly got a Simon and Shuster deal for being the most loathsome of liars

Sunday, June 13, 2010 Spitzberg vs Notaro Appeal- the real story- work in progress- the truth in italics .

What the appeal court said( cause Notaro had Marty Singer and Nick Kroll(Jules Kroll) making calls.)
Read the story here:
Spitzberg and Stephanie Willen had a three-month relationship, which ended in May 2007. In August 2007, Notaro and Willen were in a cafe having coffee when Spitzberg approached their table and began to yell insults at them, including fucking dyke, ugly, cunt, and bitch. They ignored Spitzberg, who followed them outside, became more belligerent, and shoved/pushed Notaro. Spitzberg denied pushing Notaro.

Of note:
What the appellate court states in their unpublished opionion that was immediately published while Spitzberg was illegally incarcerated.

In August 2007, Notaro and Willen were in a cafe having coffee when Spitzberg approached their table and began to yell insults at them, including…

Tig Notaro biting the hand that feeds her again. She even bit Nick Kroll's hand on her podcast after he saved her from prison but that's another story, my friends.

Sunday, January 12, 2014 Should Tig Notaro win the Grammy for best comedy album, or the Scammy? You decide

“ I make things up as I go along. I make things up as I want them to be. Repeat it till it’s true. I get away with it cause I’m adorable .”
                                                         Tig Notaro on her MySpace Blog(2007)

Is comedian, Tig Notaro, telling the truth about having cancer, and her cancer set?

On a October 4th 2012 podcast, she told her cohosts, and audience, that she will would have  “natural treatments.”  The update came in at the last minute of the podcast, and no more detail was provided.

In preparation for  Louis CK’s release of an audiotape, on  October 5th 2012, she told Terry Gross of Fresh Air, why she’d be fine with just those natural remedies.

GROSS: What's your prognosis now?    
 NOTARO: I spoke with my doctor, who told me the testing came back, and I have a 7 percent recurrence rate. So that's beyond amazing.

Has her treatment changed over tim…