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Judge Robert "My hands are tied" Vanderet should not be able to sleep at night.

Another chillingly corrupt Arnold Shwartzenneger appointee. What are the odds that Martin Singer's client made some calls for Robert Vanderet to say, "my hands are tied" when in fact by law his hands were not tied one bit when witnessing and presiding over  such a Stalin Era fraud on the court?

Read about the hell on earth I had to endure because of dirty judges like Robert Vanderet
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The Los Angeles City Attorneys office is a racket that is constantly reads my blog because they are terrified of being exposed for the criminal racket they are

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Does Felise Cohen Kalpakian still try to recruit for her fitness business. Buyer beware: she's a very twisted creature who has no business working for the people

No offense(actually that's disingenuous I do mean offense when it comes to shabby and flabby Felise) but who the hell what's a criminally rotten malicious prosecutor with mountainous back fat to try to whip them into shape?

Read about what Felise does when not trying to convince others that she is some fitness guru whilst sporting the dumpiest physique imaginable

Why was L.A city attorney Martin Boags allowed to be a lawyer after being so antisocial that he got his father, Charles Boags, unbenched and trying to destroy a falsely accused woman?

Had the Bar done as they should and not let him be in any position where he can further harm others I would have been spared the worst parts of this unbelievably malicious prosecution.

If you google Martin Boags obituary by all indications he was smited but he must never be free to do something that deeply evil again. I know they demoted him to civil but he better not slime his way back into a position where he not only can steal someone's liberty but have them forcibly medicated because they are innocent and won't take his miserable little plea bargain. And as you'll see in the link below Martin Boags absolutely knew I was innocent and when he found out he decided to do anything to win.

Is Police Officer and Former Threat Managment Unit Supervisor, Jeffrey Dunn, working for Kroll. I bet he is.

We know "witness" Alexander "Sam" Moreno was willing to give false testimony to convict an innocent person and was rewarded with a job at Kroll.

Read about how they got Alexander Moreno when the rest of the Threat Management Unit(aside of the chillingly corrupt John Gregozek and Jeffrey Dunn) didn't have the stomach to continue with this disgusting fraud

Read the insane true story of how the fixers to Harvey Weinstein and Cosby's lawyers used this Threat Manufacturing(copyright Coyote Shivers) to try and bury me alive.

Hire Criminal Defense Attorney, James E Silverstein if you want to feel that brutally raped feeling. His Yelp reviews are all fabricated. He is a dangerous fraud

Before you do ask almost equally self-interested lawyer, Alissa Malzman Sterling, how very bad an attorney he is. He has manufactured tons of Yelp reviews but don't be fooled. He is someone that not only won't fight for you but will fight against you in the most vile ways imaginable. A ruthless bonehead from your worst nightmares.

read about his "representation" here: