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Alissa Malzman Sterling was so terrific in making sure the real criminals didn't get into trouble. Tig Notaro owes her her life.

She even didn't do a thing about WITNESS TAMPERING. Heidi Feigin must have been so disgusted. Told her about a blatant attempt at witness tampering and Malzman let it slide cause as she told me, " I work for the city,." Everyone thinks that Louis CK gave Tig Notaro a career but little do they know it was really Alissa Malzman Sterling who did. Give her credit she does 40 percent of her job.

Read about how she helped Tig Notaro while letting me get buried and ruined.
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Felise Cohen Kalpakian, you did what Alexannder Acosta did and you have the nerve to keep rereading my blog. You got away with it due to Kroll's power, rest easy on her sizable back fat Jul08:16:21PM iOS
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los angeles city attorney is on my blog yet again. Alexander Acosta would approve of their work for cancer scammer Tig Notaro at the behest of Nick Kroll

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NCIS actress Pauley Perrette framed her ex husband and a homeless man. Will Mark Harmon be able to escape her sickness with less damage?

Note: This was written more than three years ago and so far she's gotten  away with putting two innocent men in jail. Now she's going after Mark Harmon and he has the truth and tons of resources at his disposal. He'll be fine but I do wish his dog would not just bite Perrette, but eat her.

The now three years old blog post: Something is very wrong with Pauley Perrete's "Brutal Attack," story, but the public servants and public - don't seem to care. please read this blog by an L.A Superior Court insider to get some context -
Then tell me if this adds up...

Deposition in Francis Shivers restraining order abuse case sheds light on Threat Management Unit
When I decided to start a blog, last week, I did so with the desire to talk of some of the corruption I witnessed as  a court insider who had seen and heard enough.  Little did I know that I’d uncover a Pandora’s box. A recent tip given me by a litigant (unrelate…