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There is a reason for this non post post FYI
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Tig Notaro, Nick Kroll or Stef Willen trying to get anther datalounge thread deleted.

No One In New York Has Had An Interesting Or Original Idea In The Last 10 Years The music scene is still urban hipster bullshit. Guys more concerned with their florescent baseball caps and day-glo bomber jackets and heaping sycophantic praise on Beyonce and Drake than actual making interesting or creative music, the whole music scene sucks and is well past it's sell by date. Art is no better, pretentious and superficial nonsense. Fashion? Yessus! Thankfully Anna is out some maybe some new blood will bring something new other than Kindel Jenner on the cover of Vogue for the 107th time and hyping up woefully over rated Kayne West. The problem with NY is, it became too expensive to live in, young creative people with new exciting non-commercial ideas couldn't afford to move there. And the Internet made it possible for them to stay in the own hometowns and regional cities and still have access to the world. NY you better get your shit together. —Anonymous  (1624 views) 150 replies …