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Jesus Christ! so many years later and The Los Angeles City Attorney's office is still looking

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The Misrepresented education of Ms. Stef Willen(Nearly a memoirist for Simon and Schuster)

In publishing, there is a fascinating history of memoirs, that get pulled from publication, after an eagle-eyed reader, or readers, have their hinky meter go off.

The pesky peruser finds the facts, or spots the substantial inconsistencies - that ultimately prove that the orphaned foster child (who supposedly grew up in a gang infested barrio in east L.A) is actually a private school kid from Newport Beach. 

Then there was that Jordanian on the run, after witnessing her best friend's honor killing, who was actually a con artist from Illinois.

And so on.

 I now know of a memoir faker, that you won't hear about, cause I'm pretty sure I was the pesky eyed peruser -- who made the deal go kaput before publication.

Stef Willen's manuscript (titled Total Loss: An Inventory of Disaster, Theirs and Mine,) was set to go before being pulled seconds before publication. It had a…