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Jesus Christ! so many years later and The Los Angeles City Attorney's office is still looking

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The Misrepresented education of Ms. Stef Willen(Nearly a memoirist for Simon and Schuster)

In publishing, there is a fascinating history of memoirs, that get pulled from publication after an eagle-eyed reader, or readers, have their hinky meter go off.

The pesky peruser finds the facts, or spots the substantial inconsistencies - that ultimately prove that the orphaned foster child (who wrote all about the angst of growing up in a gang infested barrio in east L.A)  actually spent his upscale youth as a prep school kid from Newport Beach. 

Then there was that Jordanian on the run(after witnessing her best friend's honor killing) who was actually an American con artist from Illinois.

And so on. Some names of famous fabulists: Stephen Glass, Jayson Blair(who I once met, oddly enough) James Frey, JT Leroy, and Janet Cook.

I now know of a memoir faker, that you won't hear about, cause I'm pretty sure I was the pesky eyed peruser -- who made the book deal  go kapu…