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Kroll and Stef Willen both paid a visit to my blog today. Hmmmm what is going on there?

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Stef Willen AKA the felled fabulist is stalking my poor old blog

Every few days she comes back to see if even more of her skulduggery has been written about.... what kind of life is that? She would have been much better off just being an honest and decent human being. I don't think her evil choices really paid off for her, in the end. It looked like it would but it all appears to have come crashing down in a spectacular karmaesque fashion.

 She has talent and looks. She even had great connections in Amy Alkon.

There was no need to destroy peoples lives to get ahead. But that was her M.O cause she didn't want to work real hard to get success. Sad story in some ways, but since she is a pathologically lying sociopath it's sad for me and not for her.

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Every few days fallen fabulist, Stef Willen, refreshes my blog to see If I wrote anything new. Since everything I've ever written about her true, she can steam but she can't sue

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