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Ronan Farrow only touched the surface of Kroll (AKA the group who played the most major role in keeping Weinsteins rapes and other sins a secret for so long

Another frustrating month in injustice land. While before it was so far now it's more so close but yet so far

You see, Ronan Farrow has now written two pieces for the New Yorker.

In these two pieces, he uses the name to expose my unbearably sinister nemesis, Kroll Inc or K2. Kroll literally goes by dozens of names so...
Though Farrow is doing something great for me and many, he so far has not exposed how very sinister this name is and how many other spooky things they have been involved in.

Ok, so due to Farrow's article we now know that under the K2 guise, Kroll hires Mossad agents and other types of former elite law enforcement to discredit the accusers of the rich or influential. In this instance, Farrow found out that it was a mix of a lawyer, David Boise, and Kroll that kept Weinsteins secrets safe for over three decades.
Not just that but they also go to great lengths to discredit the journalists who may try to write an article exposing such VIPS. It can be deduced from …

Eight years ago today.... Giving thanks for having the capacity to fight for free speech.

I notice sad and strange anniversaries nowadays. Eight years ago, I was bracing to spend my favorite holiday in jail. Back then I didn't know the whole story at all, and only knew that I was spending it there for the sins of a deranged and very vicious comedian with the absurd name of Tig Notaro.

I knew the firm she somehow had the money to retain, Lavely and Singer, was up to no good but I didn't know the extent of it and back then I knew Nick Kroll was listed as her witness, but I hadn't yet seen his statement That only happened during trial when Alissa Malzman Sterling, was in chamber and I peeked at the papers on her desk... It took me till November of 2013 to figure that out. Another strange anniversary?

Well, I swore I'd get justice, and yes a measure of comeuppance/vengeance, as I had to eat jail issue turkey(not too tasty.) and I swore I'd use my voice if they didn't win - have me disappeared to Patton AKA a mental hospital for the criminally insane.