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Memoirs of a Motel Maid by Lauren Spitzberg

Memoirs of a Motel Maid Ingrid Bloom’s Found Manuscript

Lauren Spitzberg

Copyright © 2018 Lauren Spitzberg All rights reserved. ISBN-13:978-1511996532 ISBN-10:1511996536

CHAPTER ONE The present The Brand Motel Santa Monica, California One of my job duties at the Motel was “inventory and inspection of vending services.” Meaning: I was responsible for monitoring snacks in the Motel’s lone vending machine. I was jotting down my findings (Low on Cheetos, Funyuns all gone, Snickers bar drop malfunction,) when I heard the clickety-clack of the newlyweds’ flip flops descending the Motel’s backless steel stairs. For a little less than a week, I’d witnessed them lying by our liver-shaped pool: doughy physiques slathered with thin strips of Lycra and thick slicks of baby oil. Today, I could see that their skin had suffered the sun, only to reach an alarming shade of fuchsia.
Shouldn't someone offer them some sun-sense? But, no one but me was around. Just as I decided it my duty to offer unsolicited …